Plenty to do : the agenda in Wales for the summer 2017

2017 is the year of myths and legends in Wales…

This year explores history, culture, heritage and mythology in Wales, a destination famous for its folklore.

Numerous events are organised all year long, to reveal the mysteries of the places, symbols and caracters which made Welsh history.

01 Jan to 31 Dec 2017, visit Visit Wales for more details.

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Welsh culture and tradition

Male Voice Choirs

Each village (or almost) has its own Male Voice Choir, for which rehearsals are open to the public. Tourist offices will inform you with regards to time and place. Among the most popular, the Treorchy Male Voice Choir rehearses Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 pm, in Treorchy Primary School on Glyneoli Road (no rehearsals in August). Treorchy is in the Rhondda valley, accessible by bus or car on the A4601 (24 miles from Cardiff, 29 from Swansea) or by train (30 min) from Cardiff. Continue reading “Welsh culture and tradition”

Eating and drinking in Wales

Don’t go believing the Welsh survive on fish & chips. Lamb, firstly, is among the big favourites, notably in a stew (or stiw in Welsh) or honey lamb.

A cheap and nourishing traditional option, which you’ll find on most menus is cawls, those thick soups which contain different ingredients according to the season (sometimes with meat, sometimes just vegetables). Continue reading “Eating and drinking in Wales”

Welcome to Wales ! Things to see and do in Wales….

Croeso !  Welcome! Well done on setting off for Wales, this off-road Celtic destination – you will be pleasantly surprised. The plan: beautiful sandy beaches all for yourself, mountains, a number of powerful fortified castles, and a lot, a lot of sheep (four for every one inhabitant!).

Le north of Wales is literally dominated by the Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa in Welsh), 1 085 meters (3560 feet), peak of the Cambrian mountains, ancient wild mountains dotted with lakes, waterfalls, forests and bared plateaus. Continue reading “Welcome to Wales ! Things to see and do in Wales….”